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Application Areas
Process Air Technology

Process Air Technology

In process air technology, the focus is on the mechanical working process. In general, a distinction is made between the areas of extraction, separation, conveying and drying.

Filling Systems

A further task of a process air technology system is to enable the air to function as a pneumatic transport of products or as an auxiliary material, for example in the food industry. The use of air as an auxiliary material requires a precise definition with regard to the quality and hygiene requirements of the air.
The lower the contamination of the supply air by dust or microorganisms, the easier it is to keep the process air clean.

Surface Finishing/Paint-Coating

Filtration in coating and painting systems is an important task, as increased air pollution has a negative effect on process results. Even a small grain of dust in the supply air can contaminate the surface and thus have a lasting effect on the quality of the end product.
By using the appropriate MAV ceiling filters (e.g. type BC5645G), optimal air purity can be ensured right from the start.

Cleaning the exhaust air is just as important. To filter the excess paint particles from the paint mist - also known as overspray - the use of filters designed for this purpose is of great importance. The paint mist separators to be used for this purpose ensure smooth and paint-free operation of the exhaust air systems.

Process Air Technology Areas

  • Painting systems
  • Food Filling
  • Filling Scales
  • Filling machines
  • Power Generation

Filter for Process Air Technology

Filters Application
Filter media as pre- and primary filters and for paint mist separation
Filter cages for pre-filtering in plant construction
Filter cells with low space requirements in air conditioning systems
Compact filters as fine dust filters in technical facilities
HEPA filters as high efficiency filter for bottling systems
Pocket filters as pre- and primary filters in technical devices and plants

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