Filter cells

Filter Media

The Basis – Filter Media in the Form of Mats, Rolls, Stampings and Cuts

Filter media in the form of mats, rolls, stampings and cuts

Filter media in the form of mats, rolls, stampings and cuts

We offer synthetic air filter media and fiber glass media in the form of rolls, mats, stampings and cuts, each for the filter classes G2–F6.
Fibre glass, synthetic fibre and filtration foam are available off the shelf / ex stock.

Fields of Application

Dust filtration in for all kinds of air technology equipment, e.g. general air cleaning, air-handling units for windows, climatic chambers, air-conditioning systems, control cabinet ventilation, ventilation and hot air heating systems. Furthermore, they are used as prefilters and primary filters in enamelling lines and painting installations and for paint mist separation.

Filter Mats Printed with Your Company Logo / Emblem

We print exclusively your filter mats with your company logo, item number or article description, according to your specifications.

In order to provide guarantees and warranties, it is important that original spare parts are also installed during maintenance of your equipment. This is also true for filter mats. Based on this identification, you can see at a glance whether it has actually complied.

As early as a punching size of 100 x 100 mm, we can print the data you want on the filter mat.
Talk to us, we will advise you.