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Welcome to MAV
We Care for Clean Air

50 Years MAV


We consider air to be the most important element of our environment. Try to go without food for 60 seconds; it usually works. And then try not to breathe for 60 seconds …
If you internalize this over 50 years every morning before getting up, you will get a feeling for how much we care about the development and production of our filter products.


MAV Filter and Environmental Technology has been developing and producing filters of classes ISO Coarse to ISO ePM₁ as well as filters for high and absolutely highest requirements of cleanroom technology in classes E10 to U17 for five decades.
We are specialized in the field of manually manufactured pocket filters in special sizes as well as metal grease trap filters for the catering industry.
Special filters, filter cages and the associated components for air treatment technology round off our program.

Areas of Application

The areas of application of our filters are manifold – actually everywhere where clean air is needed; this starts with room ventilation and air conditioning in living rooms, offices, schools, medical practices, etc., through grease separation and odor elimination in catering establishments to the existentially important air purity in operating theatres, in food filling or in clean room technology. And whether on a flight to Mallorca or to Mars; our slogan applies everywhere:

We Care for Clean Air


Smart Finish

Nothing but Air …

Air is the gas mixture in the earth’s atmosphere. Dry air consists mainly of the two gases nitrogen (approx. ⅘) and oxygen (approx. ⅕). In addition, there are the components argon, carbon dioxide and a few traces of other gases.
Solid and liquid particles - aerosols - are also components of air.
In addition, air also contains dust and biological particles (e.g. pollen, fungal and fern spores). In its natural state, it is nevertheless odorless and tasteless to humans.