MAV in Unna

About MAV Filter
We Care for Clean Air

MAV – 50 Years of Innovation

For now five decades, our company has been active in the field of ventilating and air-conditioning systems.
As a result of technical progress and industrialisation, the requirements imposed by the protection of the environment, the population and the operating materials have constantly increased.

Quality and Reliability

Our strong point is our ability to offer a sophisticated quality and binding delivery dates to all our clients. This ability – and the reliability resulting thereof – are strikingly documented by renowned references.

Flexibility and Fairness

Our success results from economical solutions developed in cooperation with our clients, and from flexible production capacities – especially as far as small lot volumes of filters in special sizes are concerned. Another important aspect is our fair pricing made possible by the adjustment to the actual market values of raw and starting materials.

Our Objective

Our objective is to make the highest possible and best possible contribution to the protection of people and the environment in our society.

We Care for Clean Air

Filter Manufacturing at the MAV Plant


State-of-the-art Technology – Quality by Lead

In our Unna plant, we are using electronically controlled state-of-the-art production machines. Thanks to this fact, we are constantly able to deliver large quantities of products. Adherence to delivery dates is given the same value as the immaculate quality of our products.

Decades of Experience – Quality by Know-how

Manual production has always been and will be an important component of our business philosophy. Long-standing experience and engineering knowledge built up in more than four decades have qualified our committed staff to manufacture first-class products.

Custom-made Items – High-quality Single-unit Production

Both, single-unit production and short-run production, can be arranged according to your special requirements. Of course, ultimate perfection is guaranteed in special sizes as well.

Fields of Application

Emission- / Immission Control

Our products reliably perform their services in emission control and immission protection.

Emission Control

  • Exhaust air in kitchens
  • Combustion gas cleaning
  • Exhaust air accruing in hospitals and laboratories

Immission Protection

  • Supply air in ventilating and air-conditioning systems
  • Cleanroom technology
  • Supply air for industrial processes
  • Combustion gas cleaning
  • Paint particle separation
  • Filtration of highly critical areas (e.g. operation areas in hospitals)

Smart Finish

Natural Environment

Environment today means a form of causal relationship of living beings to their environment, which includes coming into being, taking place and changing, and is increasingly dependent on understanding and the resulting sustainable, respectful interaction.