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Pocket Filters

Handmade in Prime Quality

Pocket filter handmade in highest quality from own manufacture

Pocket filter handmade in highest quality from own manufacture

Our MAV pocket filters are manufactured in all established classes, according to the ISO 16890* standards and in any standard size.
The filter media consist of chemical fibres built up progressively, and they are inherently rigid under normal impact. Thanks to our flexible manufacturing procedures, the said synthetic fibre media may be adapted to special requirements as well.

MAV pocket filters are available with temperature-resistant clamping connectors allowing the tight and firm installations of the filter medium into any new system equipped with mounting frames, and as replacements / spare parts suitable for all kinds of pocket filters.
A low level of air resistance and the total exploitation of the filter area made possible by the streamlined, v-shaped construction of the filter pockets – which also posses individually adapted spacers – can be guaranteed, too.

Fields of Application

Our pocket filters serve as pre- and primary filters in technical devices / machines and plants, e.g. in enamelling lines, drying plants, sports halls and factory buildings, schools and offices. As micro-filters, they are employed in ceilings, ventilations and other systems like air-conditioning for hospitals, pharmaceutical, fine-mechanical, electronic and optical plants, computing centres etc.

*The previous standard DIN EN 7779 has been replaced on 30 June 18.