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Application Areas
Room Air

Room Air

Indoor air is so important simply because it affects us all. The quality of indoor air is regulated in DIN EN 16798-3. The desired indoor air quality is graded in four indoor air stages, ranging from IDA 1 (high quality) to IDA 4 (low quality).
The desired quality depends, among other things, on the Outdoor-Air value, which is defined in three stages from ODA 1 (clean air) to ODA 3 (high dust concentration in the outside air).

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning/Air Handling Units

The task of a HVAC system is to generate and maintain a certain indoor air quality. The ODA value must be taken into account when planning air conditioning systems. A database exists for relevant air measurement data, which enables the specialist planner for ventilation and air-conditioning systems to easily obtain an ODA value for an exact building location. View of the air data of the Federal Environment Agency.


Air quality is essential for the comfortable use of buildings. There are – depending on the building – official requirements to be met in this respect. Fresh air conditioning includes the regulation of temperature, humidity and cleanliness, which is achieved by heating or cooling, drying or humidifying, filtering or exchanging room air.

Data Centre

The operation of data centres or server farms, i.e. the concentrated accumulation of IT storage technology, is all about efficient cooling on the one hand, and the best possible protection of hardware against corrosion by fine dust particles such as sulphur dioxides or nitrogen oxides on the other.

Room Air Models

  • Residential ventilation
  • Office space
  • Shopping centres
  • Lifts
  • Computer rooms
  • Data centres
  • Server farms

Filters for Room Air

Filter Application
Permanent filters specially developed for permanent use in living and sanitary areas
Filter media for coarse and medium filtration in all kinds of air conditioning devices
Filter cells space saving for air conditioning systems
Pocket filters as pre- and primary filters in technical devices and plants as well as fine filters in data centres

Smart Finish

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