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Service at the MAV
We Care for Clean Air

Advisory Service

Competent Consulting

On-site Consultation

The MAV Filter and Environmental Technology readily supports you on the ground to optimise your plant.
Our qualified staff is glad to support you in all matters concerning the efficiency and operations of our products.

Special Designs, Custom-made Products

Thanks to our flexible manufacturing methods, special sizes of our filter products may be produced at reasonable prices according to the individual requirements of our clients – even in small lots.

Filter Maintenance

We offer filter replacement as part of maintenance to our customers within a radius of 150 km..

Filter Mats Printed with Your Company Logo / Emblem

We print exclusively your filter mats with your company logo, item number or article description, according to your specifications.

In order to provide guarantees and warranties, it is important that original spare parts are also installed during maintenance of your equipment. This is also true for filter mats. Based on this identification, you can see at a glance whether it has actually complied.

As early as a punching size of 100 x 100 mm, we can print the data you want on the filter mat.
Talk to us, we will advise you.

Own Vehicle Fleet

For the supply of larger quantities, we offer our customers delivery with our own fleet of vehicles.


Smart Finish


An aerosol is a mixture of solid and liquid suspended particles in combination with air or another gas. Depending on its composition, an aerosol is a dynamic system that is constantly subject to changes through condensation, evaporation, agglomeration or separation of its particles.