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The MAV Filter and Environmental Technology manufactures filters of all possible classes used in ventilating and air-conditioning systems but also delivers items meeting the higher requirements of clean room technology, i.e. the filter classes E10 to U17.

The major focus of our production is on pocket filters of special sizes (which may be manufactured for the classes ISO Coarse up to ISO ePM₁) and fat / grease filters constructed as metal filter cells.

Filter cells, filter media, compact filters and filter cages / support elements plus the respective components complement our product range.

Fields of Application

Our filters are applied in the food industry, enamelling lines and drying plants, hospitals and laboratories, industrial plants and air-conditioning systems, clean room technology, and in the optical and pharmaceutical industries.

Filter Classes


The New Filter Class ISO 16890 at a Glance

Prefilters Medium Filters Fine Filters
ISO Coarse ISO ePM10 ISO ePM 2,5 ISO ePM 1
95 % G4 95 % M6 95 % F7 95 % F9
90 % 90 % 90 % 90 %
85 % 85 % 85 % 85 %
80 % 80 % 80 % 80 %
75 % 75 % 75 % 75 % F8
70 % 70 % 70 % 70 %
65 % 65 % 65 % 65 % F7
60 % 60 % M5 60 % M6 60 %
55 % G3 55 % 55 % 55 %
50 % 50 % 50 % 50 %
45 %
40 % G2
30 %

The listing of the previous filter classes G2 to F9 is for orientation only. However, a direct assignment of the original standard according to EN 779 to ISO 16890 is not possible.


Filter Media

Dust filtration in all kinds of air technology equipment, e.g. general air cleaning, air-handling units for windows, climatic chambers, air-conditioning systems, control cabinet ventilation, ventilation and hot air heating systems. Furthermore, they are used as prefilters and primary filters in enamelling lines and painting installations and for paint mist separation.

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Pocket Filters

Our pocket filters serve as pre- and primary filters in technical devices / machines and plants, e.g. in enamelling lines, drying plants, sports halls and factory buildings, schools and offices. As fine filters, they are employed in ceilings, ventilations and other systems like air-conditioning for hospitals, pharmaceutical, fine-mechanical, electronic and optical plants, computing centres etc.

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Filter Cells

Thanks to their very modest space requirements, MAV filter cells are suitable for air-conditioning systems, climatic chambers and compact filtering devices. Their robust construction allows the filtration of considerable / substantial air flows like those required for the ventilation of computer rooms.

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Metal Filters

Our metal grease filters have been specially developed for use in the food industry and are applied for the separation of fat, namely in the catering industry, food processing, in gastronomy like restaurants, canteen kitchens, snack bars and food trucks.

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The MAV HEPA-Filter is used as a high-performance filter in clean-room systems and similar fields of application (semiconductor production, pharmaceutical industry, electronic industry, hospitals, nuclear plants, laboratories and food industry).

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Compact Filters

As fine dust filters, our compact filters are a place-saving solution for all kinds of technical plants / facilities. The compact construction of this filter type allows an economic, place-saving installation. Thanks to their 25-mm head frame, they can be installed in pocket filter receptacles as well.

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Filter Cages

Filter cages – with or without injectors and clamp covers – are used for dust removal in plant engineering / plant construction and for exhaust gas and exhaust air filtration in industrial plants.

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